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Pink Programming Camp | Cyber Security

18 August 18:00 — 21:00

House in Hjärnarp

Join us for a 5 day programming camp where we will explore the world of cyber security and its place in our digitalized society! In today's digital society, cyber security is a crucial part of protecting sensitive information and ensuring the integrity of systems and networks. With cyber threats evolving in complexity and frequency, understanding both offensive and defensive strategies is a key. The three main focus areas will take you from knowledge to attack and later prevention in order to make sure you have a solid foundation in cyber security. We will learn about offensive and defensive strategies, along with in-depth analysis of vulnerabilities. Our focus will include front-end security, cloud security, and networking basics, providing a comprehensive overview of key cybersecurity domains. 

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Pink Programming Camp | Robotics & AI

23 August 10:00 — 18:00

A house in Hjärnarp

Join us this summer at the 5 day ROBO-AI Camp to explore the dynamic world of robotics and artificial intelligence! Designed for women and non-binary individuals, our camp offers hands-on workshops that demystify robotics and AI, making them accessible and enjoyable. 

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